Columbus, Georgia to Bloomington, Indiana

Today we embark on a 603 mile road trip between Columbus and Bloomington. It will be a long trek, but we’ll be able to fit it in a single day. Have to get a moving though, gotta leave early if we’re gonna accomplish it!


It will be a cloudy morning as we head out of Columbus towards Birmingham, AL as an area of low pressure pushes through the Central Appalachians and intensifies off the East Coast into our Monday night/Tuesday blizzard in New England. Precip should remain off to the north for the morning, generally getting hung up over the Southern Appalachians as we dodge it to the west in Nashville. There might be some breaks in the clouds as we head through western Kentucky, but they’ll be short lived as another system starts to work in from the northwest. The remainder of the trip between Evansville and Bloomington should remain dry, but there is an outside shot of a few snow showers. They shouldn’t slow us down much as we wind down our long day in Bloomington.