Temperatures end up pleasant

There was a lot of rain and a good threat for some cooler temperatures to begin the week this weekend in Fayetteville. The rain definitely came. There was nearly a half inch of rain in Fayetteville on Sunday, with the heaviest activity coming east of town, where flood warnings were issued for places like Goldsboro. The cold air never was able to infiltrate the eastern Carolinas, however. The high temperatures both Sunday and Monday ended up climbing into the mid 60s, which was about 5 degrees warmer than anyone had anticipated. The big thing that separated good forecasts from bad was the low temperature forecast. Those that erred tended to be too warm, while there was a cluster that was nearly perfect. The Weather Channel and Accuweather shared top honors for the day.
Actuals: Sunday – .43 inches of rain, High 64, Low 43
Monday – High 65, Low 34

Grade: C – D