Lancaster ducks the ice

Yesterday was a very difficult morning for the mid-Atlantic, particularly for anyone wishing to do any travelling whatsoever. Areas from Philadelphia to Connecticut were coated in ice, and accidents were plentiful, even for a Sunday morning, which is generally a light travel day. Fortunately for Lancaster, the rain didn’t arrive until the early afternoon, when temperatures were well above freezing. That said, there was still fairly cool temperatures, particularly when compared to the optimistic forecasts issued by so many. Victoria-Weather blew other outlets out of the water in terms of temperatures, as we expected the cold air to cycle in like it did (although we did forecast more precipitation, and for it to fall as partly as snow). Still, a perfect temperature forecast yesterday leads us to victory.
Actuals: Saturday – High 28, Low 14
Sunday – .01 inches of rain, High 37, Low 23

Grade: A-C