Lancaster, Pennsylvania to Fayetteville, North Carolina

Time to go! We’re taking a one day, 7 hour trip from Lancaster to Fayetteville. Most of the drive will take place on I-95, but our pace will only be 64.14mph, slowed down significantly by time served in the Baltimore-Washington area. It’s only 443 miles between the two towns, and we’re definitely going to see rain.

Rain will just be moving into the Lancaster area at around the time we leave tomorrow morning. It will be steady all the way to Baltimore, at which point it will become heavy. Assuming our Sunday pace stays the same, we will likely be driving in moderate to heavy rain through Virginia and to about Rocky Mount. It will begin to taper off fairly quickly as we head south from Rocky Mount to Fayetteville, and even if there is a little rain left over by the time we arrive in Fayetteville, at least we won’t be driving through it anymore.