McAllen, Texas to Bay City, Michigan

This seems like it will be a fairly dramatic change, heading from far southern Texas
to the shores of Lake Huron, but its been cloudy, rainy and cool in south Texas for the last several days. It won’t be as crazy a change as we may be anticipating. The drive will take about 3 1/2 days and cover 1759 miles. Our pace will be in the neighborhood of 65mph, or about 520 miles a day. There is open road to cover, so let’s cover it.

DAY ONE (Thursday)
An area of low pressure developing at the surface off the coast of about Victoria or Corpus Christi will be bringing clouds and a little bit of rain to far southern Texas overnight tonight. It will gradually pull away from the coast through the day tomorrow, giving us a cool, dry drive through Texas. You can’t really ask for better conditions than this, especially since the sun will be out to melt any bridge frost that might develop north of Austin. We’ll call it a day after we are in the Dallas area, stopping in Garland on the northwest side of town for the night.

DAY TWO (Friday)
A warm ridge of high pressure will be filtering into the center of the country this weekend, and we will be driving right into the teeth of it. The warm air will make for sunny and pleasant conditions as we navigate our way through Arkansas and into the Bootheel of Missouri, where we will stop in the small town of Portageville to call it a night.

DAY THREE (Saturday)
It seems like this leg of the trip is longer than the others, but I triple checked my math. Indeed, we will make it through Illinois, Northern Indiana and into southwest Michigan. It might just feel like it is longer after driving through St Louis and Chicago. Even with great driving conditions, those are tough towns to drive through. We’ll make it to Paw Paw in southwest Michigan by the end of the day Saturday.

DAY FOUR (Sunday)
A clipper feature will be swinging through the Great Lakes overnight Saturday, and a northwest wind will be blowing off of Lake Michigan by Sunday morning. This could lead to some snow as we leave Paw Paw, but won’t last very long, even wrapping up by the time we reach Kalamazoo. It will likely be fairly cloudy as we finish off the drive, though some guidance suggests that we could encounter even more snow upon arriving in Bay City.
Bay City