Lima, Ohio to Janesville, Wisconsin

It’s a road trip! There was a bit of snow throughout this area yesterday, but we will be be navigating the ground at about the perfect time. Not only that, but we will be making the trip on a Sunday, so the traffic in Chicago will be manageable. It’s 6 hours between the two cities, and only about 336 miles between the two. Our pace for the day long journey will be a glacial 56.8mph, but rest assured, we will still manage to cover all the ground we need to. Heck, we’ll do it before dinner.

High pressure is swiftly retreating from the eastern seaboard, which will help eliminate the strong west winds over the Great Lakes. It will be dry through northern Indiana, which was really the only part of the trek where we would need to worry about lake effect snow on this particular day. At the back end of the ridge, return flow will begin importing moisture north towards Chicago, with a wintry mix possible Sunday afternoon, but we should skate through Chi-town before there is any significant impact to us. Janesville will be seeing increasing clouds and a brisk east wind when we arrive.