Lima, Ohio to Cleveland, Tennessee

Today we embark on a one-day trip through the Ohio and Tennessee Valleys. Only 455 miles separate Lima, OH and Cleveland, TN, will be be a easy trip, or will weather slow our arrival? Let’s find out!


A strong area of low pressure is lifting northeast through the Eastern Great Lakes, trailing a strong cold front down along the Appalachians into the Central Gulf of Mexico. Luckily, the heavy rains and thunderstorms that have been affecting the Deep South will have pushed east of our route by the time we start the day, so that’s one less thing to worry about. Some light fog and rain showers will be scattered around the area as we head south towards Cincy. As we push through eastern Kentucky, there might be some rain/snow showers as the temperatures in the region start to plummet behind the cold front. They won’t be particularly strong though, and shouldn’t inhibit our progress as we continue into Tennessee. A couple light showers might persist into the evening as we approach Cleveland, but overall the afternoon and evening hours should be quieter than how we started the day.