A late December chill

Colorado is typically known more for the snow it sees in the winter, but every once in a while when you get a big swath of high pressure pressing into the high plains, cold air gets exasperating by upsloping flow. That same flow can produce snow showers as air can no longer retain moisture as it moves up the mountains, but it won’t be the bounty that they can see when there is a legitimate system moving through. All this is to say that Pueblo saw a little bit of snow and very cold temperatures for the last two days. In fact, they set a record for low temperatures yesterday by plummeting all the way to -16. Victoria-Weather closes the year strong, getting the very top forecast in a very cold town.
Actuals: Monday – 2.3″ of snow High 26, Low 6
Tuesday – .3″ of snow, High 6, Low -16

Grade: C