Pueblo, Colorado to Fort Collins, Colorado

This seems like a short easy trip, but I can assure you that this will not be easy. There is upsloping flow that is bringing some snow to the region. Let’s see if it will slow things down on this normally three hour (or so) trip covering 176 miles. Even with crummy conditions, we’ll navigate the trip in under a day. We need to get going. Remember your snow pants.

The snow in Colorado is being caused by the opposite kind of system that causes inclement weather pretty much anywhere else in the world. High pressure in the Plains is forcing moisture and cold air up the mountains, which in turn is causing the copious snowfall to fall across the Front Range. High pressure won’t be moving by tomorrow, but it will be cutting off moisture from the Gulf, so snow won’t be as intense. I think the best bet for accumulating snow will be south of the Palmer Divide, with more manageable flurries through Denver and Fort Collins.
Fort Collins