Pueblo, Colorado

Today we’re off to the mountains of Colorado! Well, the foothills anyways. A significant storm has been brewing in the Northern Rockies, will this affect the area as we head into the final days of 2014?

At 7:53pm MST, the temperature in Pueblo, CO is 31 degrees under fair skies. Hopefully the residents of Pueblo enjoy these near freezing temperatures right now, because they’re about to plummet in a big way. A system pushing its way southward through the Rockies brought heavy snows to the Northern Rockies and continues moving through the Central Rockies currently. The higher elevations will see higher accumulations from this system while the foothills shouldn’t get more than an inch or two throughout the day Monday and Tuesday morning. The worst of this system coincides with a MASSIVE area of high pressure moving over the Northern Rockies. One US computer model has it as strong as 1060mb! What this means is a significant push of arctic air will be spilling through the region Monday night into Tuesday, causing for a rather weak diurnal rebound Tuesday afternoon before the bottom drops out overnight into Wednesday morning. Brrrr. Be sure to wear a couple extra layers to start the week off!

Monday: Light but persistent snow during the afternoon and evening. Temperature dropping through much of the afternoon/evening. High 23, Low 4.
Tuesday: Light snow tapers off early, significantly colder. High 8, Low -10.

TWC: Monday: Afternoon snow. High 27, Low 11.
Tuesday: Few snow showers. High 15, Low -4.

AW: Monday: A little snow, significantly colder in evening. High 24, Low 7.
Tuesday: Colder with a little snow. High 9, Low -5.

NWS: Monday: Snow likely, mainly after 11am. High 22, Low 0.
Tuesday: Light snow chances continue. High 7, Low -5.

WB: Monday: Snow expected. High 20, Low 3.
Tuesday: 30% chance of snow, mainly in morning. High 8, Low -6.

WN: Monday: Cloudy with light snow likely. High 21, Low 0.
Tuesday: Mostly cloudy with scattered snow showers. High 9, Low -6.

Here we see a large, scattered cloud system associated with this storm dropping through the Western US. It’s gonna be a chilly couple of days!


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