Cheyenne, Wyoming

We’re cruising into Christmas week, and we will definitely get there. First, we have a stopover in Cheyenne.

At 353PM, MT, Cheyenne was reporting a temperature of 35 degrees with clear skies. Continued troughing in the northern Plains has led to brisk winds spilling over the Laramie Range, and high wind watches are out for the mountains. Cheyenne seems to be in a shielded location, as they are presently reporting calm winds. Still, breeze west winds suggest a warm night, particularly since it seems unlikely that the wind will stay calm forever.
A vast and strong jet moving into the northern Rockies will also bring along a great deal of moisture into the region. While most of the shower activity will be confined to the more mountainous regions, by Sunday afternoon, it’s certainly a possibility that Cheyenne will see some scattered rainfall. The biggest issue with this system will be very gusty winds as the jet noses into the northern High Plains.
Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy, High 49, Low 28
Sunday – Increasing clouds, with some light rain possible late, snow in the mountains, and very windy, with gusts to 40mph possible High 54, low 30.

TWC: Tomorrow – Partly cloudy/wind: High 43, Low 29
Sunday – Mostly cloudy/wind: High 46, Low 29

AW: Tomorrow – Intervals of clouds and sunshine High 45, Low 28
Sunday – Mostly cloudy and increasingly windy High 48, Low 27

NWS: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny High 46, Low 24
Sunday – Partly sunny (rain mixing with snow after 5pm) High 49, Low 25

WB: Tomorrow – Partly cloudy. High 45, Low 22
Sunday – Mostly cloudy. Windy High 50, Low 25

WN: Tomorrow – Partly Cloudy High 46, Low 23
Sunday – Windy with Isolated Snow Showers High 50, Low 25

Models are currently proving unable to match the warmth produced by the chinook winds in Cheyenne, and I believe in their ability to heat things up, even if it’s briefly, this weekend. I believe in the power of mechanical warming! Anywho, here’s the satellite, showing off some clouds in the center of the state.

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