Greenville, North Carolina to Greenville, South Carolina

I can barely comprehend what’s going on right now. Greenville is about 5 hours from Greenville. It’s a 346 miles to pass from one Carolina to the other, which puts the average rate of speed from Greenville to Greenville at 64.9mph. So many Greenvilles, so many Carolinas.


Our developing area of low pressure off the Carolina coast is expected to start pumping moisture into the eastern Carolinas by this evening, and will even fall on the North Carolina version of Greenville by midnight. Cooler air will sidle into the North Carolina by the time we depart on Monday. Precipitation will be wrapping up as we leave, but it is likely to be cloudy through North Carolina, and we may have to deal with a little bit of drizzle. Thicknesses seem to suggest that there could be a little bit of snow mixing in around Greensboro (too much Green, Carolinas) but with the overcast in the area, I think temperatures will remain warm enough that it won’t be a real concern. Clouds will finally begin to clear around Concord, NC, and from that point to Greenville, SC, we should be in pretty good shape. Chilly, but good shape.