Columbus, Indiana to Richmond, Virginia

We had been missing out some road trips for quite a while, but we’re back in action with our back to back treks. It’s only going to take us a day to cover the 632 hours, albeit a long day, lasting nearly 10 hours. The trip will be at a pace of 64.7 miles an hour, which, given the terrain, isn’t really that slow.

An area of low pressure moving to lie just north of Lake Superior will also move to an area that it can start to draw moisture north from the Gulf of Mexico. Fortunately, we’ll be driving early enough in the day that we will be well be in eastern Kentucky by the time shower activity starts to develop west of Lexington. From there, it’s only about an hour or two to Charleston, and by then, we’re going to be out of the woods, ahead of any shower activity that may develop. We’re going to arrive in Richmond to find sunny skies and increasingly warm temperatures.