Bridgeport, Connecticut

The lake effect machine is in full force over NY. Luckily, Bridgeport is nowhere near these snow bands, so hopefully they have some nice weather as we head into the latter half of the week!

At 852pm EST, the temperature at Bridgeport, CT was 27 degrees under fair skies. A ridge of high pressure is pushing into Southern New England, and combined with the heart of the arctic cold shifting through the Great Lakes, temperatures are going to drop nearly into the teens tonight. Chilly! Conditions should be pretty pleasant for tomorrow, albeit still on the chilly side with temps only rebounding into the mid 30s. A weak frontal boundary looks to move through the region during the overnight hours into Thursday. Dry weather is expected with the front’s passage, but with the increased clouds, temps wont be nearly as low Thursday morning. Temps in the mid 40s are expected on Thursday, so the worst of the chill looks to be on the way out!

Wednesday: Sunny, some clouds in afternoon. High 34, Low 20.
Thursday: Partly cloudy. High 44, Low 30.

TWC: Wednesday: Sunny. High 33, Low 20.
Thursday: Sunny. High 41, Low 29.

AW: Wednesday: Mostly sunny and cold. High 34, Low 22.
Thursday: Mostly sunny and not as cold. High 45, Low 33.

NWS: Wednesday: Increasing clouds. High 34, Low 20.
Thursday: Mostly sunny. High 43, Low 29.

WB: Wednesday: Mostly sunny. High 32, Low 19.
Thursday: Mostly sunny. High 42, Low 28.

WN: Wednesday: Mostly sunny. High 34, Low 19.
Thursday: Mostly sunny. High 43, Low 28.

Here we see the relatively quiet weather of CT, and the current lake effect machine roaring over Lake Ontario and Erie. Some places have already clocked in at 40-60″ with still more on the way. Yee-haw!