Vineland, New Jersey

Southern New Jersey is the home of today’s forecast. It was fairly flurry-filled yesterday. What can we expect for the rest of this weekend?

At 654PM, ET, Vineland was reporting a temperature of 28 degrees with sunny skies. Despite the snow showers yesterday, the region looks to be in good shape for tonight. High pressure has settled into the Mid-Atlantic, and is expected to remain in place for the rest of the weekend.
A strong upper level trough developing over the central Plains will help in the development of a cold front emerging from the Appalachians to the western Gulf, as well as a strong southerly flow off of the Gulf Stream into the Mid-Atlantic. While precipitation is likely in southern New Jersey throughout the morning, it will be riding the back of a warm southerly flow and will fall as rain. The cold front itself will arrive around noon, and has the potential to feature some thunderstorms embedded within the turbulent shower activity. Expect temperatures to drop precipitously after about 7pm, however they won’t plummet fast enough to allow for snow.
Tomorrow – Mostly sunny, a few clouds late, High 48, Low 22
Monday – Rain through much of the day, perhaps a rumble of thunder in the afternoon, High 58, Low 37

TWC: Tomorrow – Mostly Cloudy (late rain) High 49, Low 30
Monday – Rain, High 60, Low 38

AW: Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy High 49, Low 23
Monday – Rain High 56, Low 38

NWS: Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy (rain after 7pm) High 49, Low 24
Monday – Rain High 55, Low 38

WB: Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy. High 48, Low 25
Monday – Rain, High 55, Low 38

WN: Tomorrow – Mostly Cloudy (rain after 7pm) High 48, low 25
Monday – Cloudy with Light Rain High 55, Low 37

A little rainy, but pretty consistent in that most everyone has rain starting shortly after midnight. WeatherNation is really tough to figure out when you start looking at the hourlies. Here is the satellite for now. Keep an out on those scattered clouds west of town!

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