Columbus, Ohio to Duluth, Minnesota

Today we shall embark on a 2-day, 899-mile trip from central Ohio to the shores of Lake Superior. This should be an enjoyable trip through the Midwest, especially with fall foliage in full changeover on the southern half, so it should be picturesque at times!



We can expect a cloudy start to our day as we head westward out of Columbus towards Indianapolis, as a slow-moving frontal system is creeping its way through Michigan and Illinois. We can start to see rain showers as we make our way through central Indiana, turning northwest towards Gary and then Chicago. Thankfully, by the time we pass by Chicago, most of the activity will be behind us and just have some cloudy skies and breezy conditions the rest of the way to Madison, our stop for the night.


A quiet start to the day is expected as we continue up I-94 towards the Twin Cities. By midday, we could start to see some rain showers as an area of low pressure drops through the Dakotas into Minnesota. The tricky part will be what we see when we head north from the Cities towards Duluth. Temperatures could be low enough to mix in some heavier snow showers as we drive up I-35, which could slow us down significantly. However, if the system slows down enough, which it seems to be trending as such, we could scoot up the interstate before the heavy stuff even reaches the area. As long as we make good time in the morning, we should be good to go for a safe afternoon arrival in Duluth.