Montgomery, Alabama to Gainesville, Georgia

A nice short adventure for today’s trip. And an adventure it will be, as we attempt to navigate the Atlanta metro on our way to Lake Lanier and Gainesville, Georgia on its shores. It should only be about 3 hours and 15 minutes between the two towns, but of course, traffic could significantly impact that. I things go according to plan, our drive will be at a blistering 65.5mph to cover the 215 miles to the lake. One Saturday joy ride coming up!

I noted in the forecast for Gainesville earlier that the shower activity likely wouldn’t be terribly widespread. It looks a lot dicier for northern Alabama, and I-85 between Atlanta and Montgomery looks like the southeastern periphery of where heavy rain and embedded thunderstorms will line up in Alabama tomorrow. A lot of the rainfall will actually dissipate as the day moves on, because much of the cloud coalescence will be driven by the cool mmorning temperatures. What does this mean, in road trip terms? The best chance for a shower or storm will come between Montgomery and Columbus. There might be a stray shower the rest of the way, but but that stretch will be the rainiest. I think I wouldn’t risk this trip just to go to Lake Lanier, but if you’re going there anyway, you might be able to enjoy an afternoon on the water.