Lafayette, Indiana

We’re pointing the forecast wagon towards Lafayette, Indiana, the town adjacent to my alma mater of Purdue University.

At 536PM, ET< Lafayette wasn't reporting, but locations around the region were reporting temperatures of 80 degrees with sunny skies. High pressure dominates the region both aloft and at the surface, so this was as good a time as any for the observer to take a coffee break. Perhaps it is a bit more than a coffee break, as Lafayette hasn't reported since early this morning. All the same, high pressure isn't expected to vacate the region for several days. A slight wave aloft, nearly imperceptible in wind vector analysis, is expected to develop across the center of the country, but with little surface borne support, the manifestation of this wave will only be a few high clouds. Tomorrow - Mostly sunny, High 82, Low 53 Sunday - Partly cloudy, High 79, Low 55 TWC: Tomorrow - Partly Cloudy High 81, Low 54 Sunday - Partly Cloudy High 81, Low 55 AW: Tomorrow - Sunny to partly cloudy and pleasantly warm High 79, Low 52 Sunday - Partly sunny; warm in the afternoon High 79, Low 55 NWS: Tomorrow - Mostly sunny, High 80, Low 53 Sunday - Mostly sunny, HIgh 79, Low 55 WB: Tomorrow - Mostly sunny. HIgh 80, Low 53 Sunday - Partly cloudy. High 80, Low 55 WN: Tomorrow - Mostly Sunny HIgh 81, Low 54 Sunday - Partly Cloudy High 79, Low 55 Not bad, even if the resident observer has decided to take the day off. Lafayette

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