Richmond, Virginia to Bloomington, Illinois

Well, today’s road trip from Richmond to Bloomington is a day late. Let’s just say one of our tires blew out 2 miles into the trip and we had to wait a day to get it replaced so we could get back on the road. Hey, it’s actually happened to me before! Anyways, we’re finally on our way to tackle this 797-mile, 2-day trip. Let’s get a move on!



A cloudy sky greets us to start the day as we head west out of Richmond. An area of low pressure lifting north from the Carolina coastline is bringing us our cloudy start, but the rain showers should stay out over the Atlantic. The clouds burn off some during the morning, but as a cold front approaches from the west, the day should remain cloudy as we make our way into West Virginia. Some scattered rain showers greet us, as well as a thunderstorm or two, as we push further westward, but luckily the activity doesn’t last too long by the time we make our way into northeastern Kentucky. Conditions improve throughout the evening and just some mid-level clouds should remain as we make our way into Cincinnati, our stop for the night.


Overnight, high pressure dropped south and is parked firmly over the Mid-MS River Valley. It’s gonna be a lovely day from start to finish as we travel westward through Indianapolis, Champaign (where my friend, a fellow meteorology major herself, just got married last weekend!) and eventually get to our destination in Bloomington. A day late, but not a dollar short!