Bloomington, Illinois to Rapid City, South Dakota

This is a fairly simple, interstate heavy trip, though it will take two days to cover the ground. Because of the interstates, we will cover ground at a pace of 65.4mph, and will be able to be 523 miles into the trip before taking our break Sunday evening. Hotel rooms should be plentiful wherever we stop. Monday night, however, plan on camping somewhere near Mount Rushmore.

DAY ONE (Sunday)
There is a cold front that will lie across southern Illinois by the time we depart tomorrow morning, and an inverted trough brining showers through Wisconsin. Guidance seems to be pretty sure of the fact that Bloomington will be between those two features mid-morning tomorrow. Assuming that’s the case, we will be dry, though with a few clouds dotting the horizon. By the time we reach Iowa, the clouds should clear out, and we will continue through the Corn Belt with little to worry about in terms of the weather. We will make it to the wonderful, charming town of Elk Point, South Dakota, home of my fiancee’s grandparents (you can’t stay with them) by the end of the day on Sunday.

High pressure will remain in place across the South Dakota earlier next week. Early next week includes Monday, and we will be able to fly through the state with relative ease. The toughest part will be avoiding getting suckered into at least one of South Dakota’s many tourist traps.

Rapid City

Before we wrap this trip up, I wanted to make mention of why I was so late to forecast tonight. My dear friend Joel was married this afternoon. I am at the wedding and attended the ceremony. In addition to being a road tripping pal of mine through the years, he was also one of the original founders of this very site. He made the particularly wise decision of getting into another line of work, but we have remained friends, and I couldn’t be happier for he and his new wife.