The harvest season brings bountiful thunderstorms

Upstate South Carolina is part of the country that sees showers and storms essentially every afternoon, and this year, that characterization spread into September as well. That’s not exactly the most revelatory statement, I suppose. In Anderson, they reported thunderstorms each of the last two days, though rather than a generally unstable environment, it was lower level trough abutting the southern Appalachians that brought all the rain. Because there was actually forcing, and they weren’t just born of instability, the storm activity raged into the night last night as well. Really, I guess the only thing that the last two days had with a random pair of days in late July is that thunderstorms were reported. With highs in the 90s, though, maybe there was another similarity. The National Weather Service and Victoria-Weather tied for the top.
Actuals: Tuesday – Thunderstorms reported, not measured, High 93, Low 71
Wednesday – .39 inches of rain reported, High 93, Low 70

Grade: A