How will weather affect the start of football season?

The NFL season starts this evening in Seattle, and I’m happy to report that they are under high pressure, and precipitation will not be an issue at Qwest Field. But what of Sunday, when the bulk of the season kicks off? Here is what the GFS has for the 1pmET kickoff time. It isn’t terribly different from the NAM, so we can run with it.
This is an extremely favorable forecast for the NFL. There are only a couple of sites hosting a game that are under threat of any kind of weather. Miami and Tampa Bay each have a home game to start the season, and there is a risk in each site for some afternoon thunderstorms because it is, after all, Florida. Fortunately, both cities are pretty near the coast, and sea breeze storms like to crop up a couple of miles inland. Other areas hosting games, like Atlanta, Dallas and Houston could also see a stray shower during game time, but those three sites all boast roofs at their stadium.

Monday night will feature its annual opening week double header, featuring games in Detroit and Phoenix. As you can see, there shouldn’t be a problem in Detroit, but it looks like it could be a stormy evening in Arizona.
Monday nightP

Two things, though. First, I suspect most of that activity will be in the higher terrain outside of town. Two, the Cardinals play in a domed stadium as well. One other side note that isn’t really related, check out the hurricane getting ready to make landfall in San Diego! (no, that’s not going to happen)