Lexington, Kentucky to Greeley, Colorado

We’re taking a trip between two college towns, headed from the home of the University of Kentucky to the home of the University of Northern Colorado. It’s a 1224 mile journey that will take us 2 days to complete, with the second day taking longer than the first. There is a lot of interstate to cover, soo we will maintain a fairly brisk pace of about 65ph overall. By those estimates, day one will be done after just short of 520 miles. We will cross the Great Plains on this trip, so I hope passengers brought along some reading.

DAY ONE (Sunday)
A rather persistent surface feature remains unmoved over Missouri. Most of the moisture today, tomorrow and for the last several days, has remained at the leading edge of the rain shower activity. As we head out for the drive on Sunday, that means the potential for light rain showers in western Kentucky, which will become very heavy between Paducah and St. Louis (AKA, over Illinois). The rain will end abruptly on the west side of St. Louis, however, and we will be free and clear to Sweet Springs, about an hour outside of Kansas City.

DAY TWO (Monday)
An upper level wave moving through the Northern Plains. There is some suggestion that we will see some heavier rain between Salina and Kansas City in eastern Kansas, but through the western part of the state, it appears that activity will be very isolated. Temperatures rising through the afternoon will cap things, so by about 2pm, the threat for precipitation will be over for us. It will be like this from Hays west through Kansas and eventually in eastern Colorado. Hot and dry in Greeley.