Cleveland, Tennessee to Vineland, New Jersey

We’re taking a quick day and a half excursion from southeastern Tennessee to southern New Jersey. I think it will be pretty ok for the 712.75 miles we travel. We will have a quick pace of 64mph, which means 512 miles on day one, and 200 for Friday. Let’s head for the Garden State!

DAY ONE (Thursday)
The best thing about this trip is tht we will sneak east of the Appalachians pretty early in the day. We won’t stray too far to the east from the hills on I-81, but a weak trough moving through the region won’t be able to carry moisture over the chain, and we will be far enough east to stay dry. Maybe we will see a stray cloud or two, but that’s about it. We will take an eastward turn towards D.C. and end up in Markham, Virginia at the end of the day.

DAY TWO (Friday)
Regardless of what happens on Thursday, I can say with confidence that it will be dry on Friday. The biggest issue is that our drive takes us through Washington, Baltimore and the south side of Philadelphia, and navigating that much traffic will certainly be a chore. No weather to worry about, however.