Elmira, New York to College Station, Texas

We’re off to the Lone Star State on a 3 day journey from western New York. The trip is a 1613 mile journey which will lend us to a 62.8mph pace. The first two days will be a hair shorter, with a goal of 502.6 miles travelled on those first two days. Let’s get grinding.

DAY ONE (Friday)

High pressure has settled in over the eastern Great Lakes, and as well as the Finger Lakes, which are great in their own righ. The beginning of the day tomorrow will be dry, as will most of the middle. The trek through northeastern Ohio portends to be just as wonderful. There is a surface wave slowly moving through the mid-Mississippi valley, and there is a chance that between Columbus and Jeffersonville, our destination for Friday night, we will encounter some late rain showers.

DAY TWO (Saturday)
The drive on Saturday will be significantly less pleasant. The surface feature moving through the mid-Mississippi Valley will now be moving through the Ohio Valley, and the typically juicy summer air in the southeastern US will mean a nearly persistent threat for showers and thunderstorms. I tend to favor the guidance that suggests better organization for the activity this weekend, which will ultimately mean a better potential for a stray squall rather than simple air mass convection. It also suggests a bit of a break in the action around Nashville, which I’m not entirely sold on. We will stop in Stanton, which is about 2/3 of the way from Nashville to Memphis.

DAY THREE (Sunday)
Daily instability and the periphery of a surface ridge will lead to a few showers through the remainder of our drive in Tennessee, as well as most of the trek through Arkansas. Instead of fairly heavy rain with an embedded thunderstorm like we will see on Saturday, Sunday’s action is more likely to be scattered showers, particularly in Arkansas. Before we reach Texarkana, all that rain will wrap up. It’s going to be hot and humid but ultimately rain free as we move through eastern Texas
College Station