Monroe, Louisiana to Youngstown, Ohio

We’re off for a summer time drive again this afternoon, headed from Louisiana to northeastern Ohio. It will take almost exactly two days. The two cities are 1079 miles apart, and as a result our rate of speed will be about 65.6mph, which, given the drive time east of the Mississippi, isn’t half bad. So let’s see the countryside at 524 miles a fay!

DAY ONE (Saturday)
We continue to have the stagnant upper level trough that has made this one of the coldest summers on record in the eastern two thirds of country sitting right over the Great Lakes. The tail of a cold front and the remnants of a surface wave all find themselves over Dixieland. This might sound like a lot of triggers over one area that could lead to a few thunderstorms, but in the end, it will just lead to a lot of blah. Clouds and rain between Monroe and Memphis. If anything, that trough sitting so comfortably over the Great Lakes will suppress any rain or thunder over Tennessee, and the drive from Memphis to Nashville will be dry and unseasonably cool. The stop on day one will be on the west side of Nashville.

DAY TWO (Sunday)
The weather has just been so disturbed over the central Appalachians for the last several days, it’s hard to imagine that it will be completely clear on Sunday for our route from Nashville to Youngstown. I think the drive through Kentucky shouldn’t give us any problems, but by the time we reach Ohio, it could get a bit dreary. Nothing crazy, no major outbreaks and not even a ton of rain, just a passing spritz and a lot of clouds. And so it will be from Cincinnati to Youngstown.