Columbus, Georgia to Pueblo, Colorado

Time to hit the road, jack, for a 3 day trip across the southern Plains. It’s a 1422.29 mile drive between the two cities, which will be covered at a pace of 63.2mph, which is bogged down by a lack of interstates and some travel through the Ozarks. Still, we will be able to cover 505.7miles a day on Thursday and Friday, with a little bit shorter jaunt to begin the weekend.

DAY ONE (Thursday)
Columbus is in the clear tomorrow with warming temperatures and increasing humidity, but no destabilizing flow. The morning and early afternoon through northern Alabama should be just as peasant, but somewhere in northern Mississippi between Tupelo and Memphis, but closer to Tupelo, a massive blob of rain moving through the Southern Plains tonight will intersect us tomorrow. From that point, it will quickly turn from light to heavy rain, as we will be inundated across Memphis and into Arkansas, where we will stop in North Little Rock for the night.

DAY TWO (Friday)
After a bit of a dreary morning, it won’t take us too long to find the sun, which will break out before we reach Fort Smith. It won’t be as oppressively hot as it can be in the Southern Plains this time of year, but it will be completely sun drenched and wonderful. The day will end in Shamrock, Texas, in the Texas Panhandle.

DAY THREE (Saturday)
We will see some towering clouds to our west pretty much the entire day. The high based, high topped clouds around the Rockies won’t be much of a threat until we get right next to Pueblo, at which point a shower seems pretty darn likely. Don’t worry, but this point, it’s a lot wetter in Columbus than it is in Pueblo.