Springfield, Missouri to Carson City, Nevada

Our trip is deceptively long on this occasion, covering 3 1/2 days and 1795 miles through the Rockies and Great Basin. Thanks to our use of the one interstate through much of the drive, we will have a pace of about 64.85mph, which will lead to a daily goal of 518.8 miles on Saturday through Monday, leaving a little chunk of Nevada for Tuesday. We have a lot of open country in our future, so we’d best be on our way.

DAY ONE (Saturday)
Many people don’t appreciate the featureless terrain of Kansas and Nebraska, but I for one am a big fan. The open road with the windows down and tunes blaring is one of the most pleasurable sensations in life. We will get to experience it in full on Saturday as warm temperatures and sunny skies will have infiltrated the Plains. The drive through western Missouri and Nebraska will be pretty easy, and will end in Overton, Nebraska, in the western part of the state

DAY TWO (Sunday)
There isn’t much going on synopticly for us to contend with from Overton west through Nebraska and in southern Wyoming. Monsoonal thunderstorms develop late in the afternoon, and shouldn’t cause too many problems until about 4pm. Even then, we may not see any storms, because they will be extremely isolated, and mostly will be south of I-80 anyways. Still west from Rawlins we might need the wipers. Our drive will be through in Point of Rocks, which is just east of Rock Springs.

DAY THREE (Monday)
High pressure over the Great Basin will do wonders for our travel route. Not only will we be driving through much of the route before daily convection kicks off, but the ridge will help stabilize the Great Basin and thunderstorms will be shunted north of Salt Lake City and northern Nevada. Good luck getting any radio stations in this part of the world though for that whole windows down tunes blaring thing. The day will end west of Winnemucca in the tiny oasis of Valmy.

DAY FOUR (Tuesday)
The end of the road will be pretty uneventful. No, really, until you get to Reno, there isn’t much going on in Nevada. Our arrival in Carson City will be to sunny skies and elevation cooled air.
Carson City