Hattiesburg, Mississippi to Salisbury, Maryland

Our second road trip of the day is coming up, and it will cover a two day journey between southern Mississippi and eastern Maryland. The two towns are 1098 miles apart and due in part to some tough navigation along the coast, our pace will be limited to 64.8mph. Still, our first day of travel will cover 518 miles, leaving the leftovers for Wednesday. Let’s take trip number 2 right now!

DAY ONE (Tuesday)

It continues to be hot and steamy, in the southeastern US, as it tends to be during the summer. The difference is that it will be mostly stable close to the Gulf Coast. A cold front sinking south from the Ohio Valley will eventually destabilize the environment of the region, but most of the thunderstorms will be focused near the front, which will remain north of our route, but ahead of the boundary, there could be some thunderstorms as soon as we reach Gadsden, Alabama, with the isolated activity continuing through the rest of northeast Alabama and southeast Tennessee. We will make it past Knoxville and to Dandridge, Tennessee by the end of the day. It might be raining when we arrive, but more likely, it will be dry when we arrive, with thunder coming later.

DAY TWO (Wednesday)
Scattered showers and thunderstorms will be possible throughout the day along our route on Wednesday, but they will be the most likely along and west of the Appalachians. When we drop into the James River Valley, things will start to taper off a bit. Most of the convective activity will remain south of us as we travel into Maryland and across the Chesapeake to the Eastern Shore. There will definitely be a shot at some rain Wednesday afternoon in northern Virginia, but it won’t be as persistent as it was during our morning drive. Partly to mostly cloudy with a passing shower in Salisbury when we get there.