Anderson, Indiana to Iowa City, Iowa

We are on our way to Iowa City today, which happens to be just south of a nasty complex of severe storms. The drive will be 6 hours and cover 392 miles. In the end, that will be about a 62.7mph pace. The day won’t be completely lost with such a short travel day, so let’s see some of the Plains and avoid some thunderstorms.

A cold front is stalled in the Northern Plains and the strong complex of thunderstorms in eastern Iowa will deteriorate as it shifts east away from the boundary, so we will start with a clean slate to begin our day tomorrow. For the most part, the drive will be hot and humid. The heat and humidity will lead to widespread clouds which may spit out a shower, but I don’t think it will be much of a thunder threat. The primary cold front will set itself up from northern Wisconsin to northern Iowa, and along it, a strong area of thunderstorms will develop tomorrow evening. We should be able to beat it to Iowa City, if it makes it that far south at all. Expect for some nasty thunderstorms over northern Iowa regardless of what goes on in Iowa City. Maybe we will see them on the horizon.
iowa city