Lexington, Kentucky to Anderson, Indiana

Just a shorty today, and one that takes us through a part o the country that I am fairly familiar with, though I haven’t necessarily been to any of these exact areas. OK, I have been to Anderson. It’s a 204 drive that will last 3 1/2 hours, giving us a pace of about 59mph. There aren’t many interstates to travel on, and the main ones take us right through the Cincinnati metro.

An are of low pressure churning it’s way through the northern Plains and into Canada is drawing a lot of moisture and instability north, and the models are doing a fairly poor job of handling it. Forecasts are for precipitation at all times along our route, but that’s with the courser models, and a failure to appreciate what’s actually going on across the environment right now. I think there will almost certainly be a sprinkle or two, maybe even a heavy shower, but the heavier stuff will remain west of Indianapolis. Hot, muggy and mostly cloudy conditions await in Anderson.