Los Angeles, California to Beaumont, Texas

Back on the road. It’s a three day trip from the nation’s second largest city to one of Texas’ 100 largest towns. The two cities are 1631 miles apart and connected by seemingly endless stretches of interstate. This will serve our purposes just fine, as our rate will be 66.4mph, and we will cover 531 miles a day. That’s really quite excellent. Will the weather be as cooperative?

DAY ONE (Tuesday)
Los Angeles
High pressure is building through the southwestern United States. It’s going to be hot and dry as we head through a part of the country that sees that kind of thing almost all the time. We will hit Phoenix and Tucson through the day, on top of starting the drive in Los Angeles. We will be just fine spending the night in the wilderness of Pima County, Arizona, southeast of Tucson.

DAY TWO (Wednesday)
We will continue to skirt the Mexican border as we head east. There won’t be any particular concerns as we head through New Mexico, but we could see a few clouds east of El Paso. It’s even drier in this part of Texas than it is in the rest of the state, so dust is a bigger concern than pretty much anything. It will be hot and dry again when we pack it in for the night in Fort Stockton in west Texas.

DAY THREE (Thursday)
A potential tropical system in the Bay of Campeche will work to keep moisture away from the Texas coast. If it can’t even permeate the Texas coast, just imagine how dry the interior of the state will be. And so it goes. No significant weather, just warm, increasingly humid conditions as we barrel along the interstate thrrough San Antonio and Houston. It will be warm, sunny and almost unbearably humid when we get to Beaumont, especially after the arid conditions seen on Tuesday and Wednesday.