Greenville, North Carolina to Wheeling, West Virginia

We’re doing it guys. We’re hitting the road for the 4th day in a row. I think we can take it a little bit easier this time, as we are only going to be driving for a day. It’s 576 miles between the two cities, which we will cover at a pace of about 63.9mph. If you don’t want to do the math, that means in total, it’s 9 hours between the two cities by almost any route.

It appears as though the eastern Carolinas will be sufficiently capped tomorrow morning, which means that, despite the instability and remnant surface boundaries and triggers across the region, we should kick off our day dry, albeit with some cloudy skies all around. As we head west and then north into the Virginias, I think we will avoid the free car washes. About the time we cross into southern West Virginia, however, things will likely change. For the entire drive through the Mountaineer State, we could see some fairly heavy downpours. The best chance for thunderstorms will be from Bluefield to Parkersburg (which is moist of the state) with some diminishing showers to finish the drive into Wheeling.