Fort Wayne, Indiana

Great Lakes week continues here at Victoria-Weather with a trip to the Hoosier State.

At 154PM, ET, Fort Wayne was reporting a temperature of 66 degrees with mostly sunny skies. Thunderstorms have shifted south towards the Carolinas as the cold front that has caused problems in Indiana in recent days is being forced out by emerging high pressure.
There is a high amplitude ridge that is going to be parked over the Great Lakes over the next few days, with surface forcing contributing to a lee trough that has been hanging out of the Front Range. The upper level feature will be stronger than the mechanically induced surface wave. As a result, convection, no matter how strong it appears, will be kept over the Plains, leaving Fort Wayne to enjoy a sunny and warm Memorial Day weekend
Tomorrow – Sunny, High 76, Low 46
Sunday – Sunny, High 81, Low 53

TWC: Tomorrow – Mostly Sunny High 75, Low 47
Sunday – Mostly Sunny High 80, Low 53

AW: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny and beautiful High 76, Low 47
Sunday – Beautiful with plenty of sunshine High 81, Low 52

NWS: Tomorrow – Sunny High 76, Low 47
Sunday – Sunny High 81, Low 51

WB: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny High 76, Low 47
Sunday – Mostly sunny High 81, Low 51

WN: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny High 75, Low 46
Sunday – Mostly sunny High 81, Low 52

I guess we aren’t in for too many surprises in Fort Wayne. Everyone is following the same script. The most turbulent part of the country remains the southern Plains.
Fort Wayne

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