Denver, Colorado to Canton, Ohio

I’m a little surprised, honestly. This is a 2 1/2 day trip, and I would have thought that, without a doubt, it would be over in under 2. The two cities are 1376 miles apart, and as we are taking a little more than 2 1/2 days to cover the ground, it will take us a full day to get 520.4 miles, at a rate of 65mph. Let’s cover the Plains and check in by Wednesday!


It’s going to be fairly warm in eastern Colorado and western Nebraska through the day tomorrow. Lee troughing has come to the High Plains, and it is being aided by an upper level ridge. This means an aggressive warm up, along with a turbulent atmosphere at the surface. There will be midlevel clouds throughout the day, along with some often breezy conditions, but it should remain dry until we reach Lincoln, at which point we will run into the actual warm front. Conditions will be more overcast as the turbulence will finally breach the weaker cap, with some embedded showers and storms possible. The end of the day will be in Gretna, just southwest of Omaha. It’s very possible that we don’t see any rain until we’ve stopped for the night.

As the lee trough tries to emerge and make something of itself in the Plains, it will evelop a completely unsustainable cold front that will have only a weak cold pool and will lie east to west from southern Michigan to Iowa. Strong thunderstorms are definitely not expected, but some showers and embedded thunder will be a possibility after we pass through Peru, Illinois. Some showers will continue to be in the forecast until we reach Chesterton, Indiana, south of Lake Michigan, and the stop for Tuesday evening.

The system will be invigorated by the Great Lakes and Atlantic moisture it will be moving into. We’re looking at a fairly rainy 5 hours from Chesterton to Canton, and we will be getting deeper and deeper into the shower activity as we travel, so the chances will be increasing that it will be raining as we approach Canton.