Battle Creek, Michigan to Tulsa, Oklahoma

Our trip through the Midwest will cover 829 miles over the course of a day and a half. It’s pretty much the perfect road trip, if you ask me. We will drive through the open Plains, which is good for rocking out with the windows down, see some terrain around the Ozarks and pass through some metropolises in Chicago and St. Louis. Our speed will be 64.7mph, which is fairly remarkable given the cities we are headed through, which means the first day will be done after 517 miles of travelling. There will be some nasty storms to navigate through, so lets make sure to keep our eyes on the road.

It won’t be long until we reach the cold front on our drive tomorrow. The occlusion will actually be in southwestern Michigan, which means it will be plenty warm, and precipitation will be falling as thunderstorms rage in the area. The heaviest precipitation will fall from Kalamazoo to Gary, Indiana, and there is a fair chance some of those storms will be severe with gusty winds. The heavy downpours will certainly tie up traffic through Chicago. More generalized rain will be possible after we pass through the Windy City, and will continue through Illinois and St. Louis. The rain will be much more intermittent and light by the time we arrive in Cuba, Missouri, which is southwest of the St. Louis metro, getting closer to Rolla.

A standing lee trough is developing in the southern Plains, so even though we will be post frontal at the beginning of the day, a southerly flow through some recently dampened terrain will mean overcast skies and some isolated showers through the Ozarks. I would like to promise at least one solid day of dry driving, but I’m afraid I can’t this time.