Little Rock, Arkansas to Wichita Falls, Texas

We have a 1 day trip from Arkansas to north Texas. The state of Arkansas, of course was devastated by tornadoes on Sunday evening, notably a large tornado that hit the west and north metro of Little Rock. Our route won’t be taking us through any of these impacted areas, but that doesn’t mean, it won’t be any less on our mind. It’s under 7 hours between the two terminuses of our route, and 411 miles. This will result in a 61mph average speed.


The weather for our Wednesday drive will end up being quite nice. Expect very dry air to be cycled into the route from the southern Plains. Temepratures will be a little bit cooler than seasonable, but with the sunny skies, it will likey feel pretty warm in the car. Expect a need to roll down the windows, and good conditions to hang out outdoors in Wichita Falls.
Wichita Falls