Minneapolis, Minnesota to San Antonio, Texas

Today we embark on a 1,251-mile road trip, from our home base here in Minneapolis down to San Antonio. This would be a pretty feasible road trip for me, since I have several relatives that live in San Antonio as well as Austin. Let’s go pay them a visit!



As an area of low pressure intensifies over western NE/KS, it extends a potent cold front through the Central and Southern Plains, which will kick off some severe weather in the southern US later. Further north, over the Northern Plains and Upper Midwest, it’s kicking off a wide swath of showers and embedded thunderstorms. A few light showers or drizzle looks to linger around in the morning when we head on southward out of the Twin Cities down I-35, and it will pick up as we approach Des Moines. Some thunderstorms could pop up as well as we make our way through Central Iowa around noon, but luckily the more severe activity should be much further south. Heavy downpours will still be quite possible as we continue down I-35 which could slow things down for us. By the time we make it to Kansas City for the night, however, things should be settling down as the heavy activity pushes east.


Conditions should be dry as we head out of Kansas City this morning, but gusty winds will be expected most of the day behind this potent system. After yesterday’s soggy trip for most of the day, our day will be nice and sunny and dry. But keep an eye on those winds, they could get annoying as we continue through Oklahoma and eventually into Texas as we stay in Dallas for the night.


A nice easy day today, a relatively short jaunt down I-35! Winds should settle down a bit today, and continuing dry weather is expected! Sunny skies for our drive to my relatives! Hooray! Now let’s hope they have dinner ready for us.