Yakima, Washington to Winston-Salem, North Carolina

This is one doozy of a road-trip. 2,694 miles from Yakima to Winston-Salem. Why can’t we fly again?



Are we there yet?! Just kidding. It might seem like that in a couple of days though. Luckily, it’s a fairly quiet day today, as a weak area of high pressure is found over the Northern Rockies. Just some high clouds are expected as we make our way through eastern WA, the stovepipe of Idaho, and into western Montana where we eventually wind up at Missoula, MT for the night.


We continue our jaunt down I-90 today that will take us through mainly southern portions of the state. Unfortunately, 490 miles of driving won’t get us out of Montana. On the bright side, the weather should mostly cooperate once again as we stay ahead of a system working its way through the Northwest. We can expect some increasing clouds through the afternoon and evening, but at least it’ll be dry. We finish the day in Miles City.


It’s going to be a whole lot of nothing to look at out the window today. We’ll travel from Miles City to Fargo, covering about 460 miles. Once again, we’ll luck out as a cold front will tail off north of ND, with precip staying north of the border as we head due east on I-94. Some southerly winds might kick up and give us a fit, but once again, a relatively easy day weather-wise.


Today’s leg takes us from Fargo down I-94 all the way through the Land of 10,000 lakes. Today, weather finally catches up with us! A weak boundary is lingering from southern MN through northern WI and into Upper MI, so during the afternoon we can expected some light rain/snow showers to affect our drive between the Twin Cities and the Wisconsin Dells. Nothing too terrible though and shouldn’t slow us down before we finish our night in Madison


Well, our luck has finally run out. An area of low pressure developed over the Lower MS River Valley and lifted up into the OH Valley throughout the morning. Our day starts off innocently enough between Madison and Chicago, but as we push into northwest IN, we’re going to run into a pretty healthy slug of rain all the way to Indianapolis. It will let up a bit once we make it into eastern Indiana, but still will slow us down a bit. Our soggy day finally ends in Dayton, OH.


The rain changed to snow overnight, so we’ll have a couple of inches we need to brush off the car before we head on towards the Virginias. We’ll actually see some persistent light snow throughout the morning as we head into West Virginia, where upslope snow showers and road construction could slow us down some into the afternoon. Once we finally make our way into Virginia, the snow showers wind down and it’ll be clear sailing the rest of the evening into Winston-Salem!