Gainesville, Georgia

There is more than one Gainesville in the world, and the one we visit on this occasion is in far northern Georgia. Let’s hurry and take care of this forecast!

At 1253PM, ET, Gainesville was reporting a temperature of 62 degrees with overcast skies. A cold front was reflected on radar as a weak line of showers northwest of Atlanta. The activity trails a field of scattered clouds, of which there is a bit thicker layer presently over Lake Lanier. Moisture is going to continue being pulled north towards a developing low in the Mid Atlantic, and the cold front will sweep through town before the afternoon is through.
The pool of cold air will not be long for the Georgian atmosphere, as high pressure will begin to build into the southeast again by tomorrow afternoon. Sunny skies are expected for the next two days, as well as increasingly warm, humid air, after what looks to be a chilly morning tomorrow.
Tomorrow – Mostly sunny, High 55, Low 32
Friday – Even warmer, still sunny, High 64, Low 35

TWC: Tomorrow – Sunny High 51, low 30
Friday – Mostly Sunny High 62, Low 32

AW: Tomorrow – Breezy and cooler with a full day of sunshine High 51, low 30
Friday – Mostly sunny, breezy and warmer High 61, Low 34

NWS: Tomorrow – Sunny, High 48, Low 30
Friday – Sunny High 62, Low 34

WB: Tomorrow – Sunny…windy High 49, Low 30
Friday – Sunny High 62, Low 34

WN: Tomorrow – Sunny High 48, Low 30
Friday – Mostly Sunny High 63, Low 34

I went a bit warmer than the models suggested for highs, because the skies will be so sunny, and warm air will be available from the Gulf. Here is the current radar, with a very tiny band of showers to the northwest of Atlanta and Gainesville.

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