One last winter storm

March tends to have some of the most dynamic systems of the year, thanks to conflicting air masses thanks to the transitioning seasons. The northern tier recognizes March as a month that can produce some of the biggest snows of the winter. An upper level wave in the northern plains will merge with a surface low rising out of the Gulf of Mecico, a classic winter like pattern: Get the cold air in place, then bring in the moisture.
As is often the case, this will lead to some serious snow. There might be 4-10″ in the southern Great Lakes, but as the HPC shows, the real threat will be to interior New England:
last round
That’s a serious dumping! But you’ll note that there isn’t a threat for such a significant snow along the coast. In fact, that’s how you know we’re moving towards spring instead of hanging on to winter. Don’t believe me? Thanks to the same system, the Storm Prediction Center is issuing this.
The same system that will bring a ton of snow to the Great Lakes will also have a threat for severe thunderstorms for the Mid Atlantic. Obviously we don’t want anything that can threaten death or destruction, but it sure is nice to have the temperatures that will allow for thunderstorms returning to the country.