Wausau, Wisconsin to Kokomo, Indiana

Today we embark on a 1-day Midwestern roadtrip, from Central WI to Northern IN. It’s 440 miles from Wausau to Kokomo. Will it be as warm as the Beach Boys lead us to believe? Given the winter we’ve had, it might be a stretch, but maybe we’ll get lucky!


A mid-level disturbance will be working through the area during the morning, dropping accumulating snows from southern MN/northern IA through southern WI/northern IL. Wausau will only be seeing a few flakes when we depart south in the morning, but as we continue to make our way through Madison, we’ll see the snow totals pick up. Luckily, as we make it to the WI/IL border, most of the heavier snow will have tapered off, but roads will probably still be fairly slick with a bit of accumulated snow on them. Light snow will continue throughout the afternoon hours as we make our way through northeastern IL and around Chicago, so hopefully there aren’t too many accidents impeding out progress. The light snow will continue to linger in the evening as we make our way into northern Indiana and ultimately to Kokomo, so hopefully you’re a fan of watching snow fall!