Youngstown, Ohio to Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

We are going to set out to ring the Great Lakes in a one day trip covering 556 miles over the course of a little over 9 hours. The average pace in perfect conditions would be 61mph, but lets face it, winter in the Great Lakes, and a drive through Chicago could certainly make things a bit more interesting.

The Great Lakes are going to be squeezed by a pair of systems tomorrow. First, there is the low moving through Illinois today. It will traverse the Ohio Valley through the day, and actually, it should leave northern Ohio alone. When we head out the door tomorrow morning, the system will be east of Youngstown, and we should have easy driving along the Ohio Turnpike. The next system will be a weak wave emerging out of the Upper Midwest. By 7pm, central, about the time we will arrive in Fond du Lac, the snow will only just be arriving in eastern Wisconsin. Despite an active map and snow straddling out entire route, we will somehow manage a safe, dry journey. Congratulations!
Fond du Lac