Wenatchee, Washington to Denver, Colorado

Well, if this isn’t an appropriate trek. It’s not Seattle to Denver, but this Wenatchee to Denver trip is a pretty close approximation of a trek between this year’s Super Bowl competitors. This trip is going to take a long two days, covering 1262 miles. If the weather holds, we will maintain a pace of 68.9mph. That’s pretty good. That kind of pace means 551 miles on Friday, with the rest on Saturday, just in time to watch the big game.

Flow will continue to be westerly off of the Pacific even as an area of low pressure dives south towards Colorado. There won’t be much going on in the valleys, except for clouds and fog, but as we ascend the mountains of the northern Rockies, we will have chances for falling snow on I-90. This will be a problem all day on Friday, because there won’t be any clearing and there are a lot of mountains in Washington, Idaho and western Montana. We will call it a day in Manhattan, Montana. I assume it’s just like the one in New York.

Flurries will become more widespread as cold air sinks south. Even as we get away from the mountains in Montana and the Front Range of Wyoming and Colorado, snow showers will be possible. There won’t be a well organized system producing this activity, so we won’t be contending with gusty winds or a blizzard or anything like that, but the constantly refreshed coating on the road will mean we should take it easy. The snow will become much lighter as we reach Cheyenne and continue to Denver but there will be a flurry in the forecast for when we arrive in Bronco country.