Montgomery, Alabama to Knoxville, Tennessee

Time for the 3rd trip of the week, but this time, it will be a bit more manageable, as we head only from Alabama to Tennessee. It will be a one day trek, covering 342 miles and lasting just over 5 hours. That’s barely a tank of gas! Our average speed will be about 64mph, but only if we follow the speed limit everywhere. (They drive fast in Birmingham)


Tomorrow is going to be unusually cold for the south. Even from Montgomery north through Alabama, we might now reach freezing at any point of the day. There will be fairly calm winds between some return flow showers along the Texas Coast and our advancing cold front north of Tennessee. We will have one issue that always seems to come up on road trips. It will be chilly when we leave, but sunny through the trip, so the car will heat up. Your jacket will be unbearable, and you will attempt to take it off while driving. That’s obviously dangerous. It will also be frustrating if you have to stop for gas and get out in the cold before Knoxville.