Let’s Welcome Weathernation!

Fellow readers know that whenever we do a forecast post here at Victoria-Weather, we compare our forecast to those of Weatherbug, Weather Channel, Accuweather, and the National Weather Service. Afterwards, we grade the results and determine a winner. Well, starting February 1st, we’re going to welcome a new competitor into the fray… WeatherNation! You might have heard them in the news over the last couple of days in regards to a dispute between DirecTV and Weather Channel, but they’ve been increasing their broadcast and web presence since 2010. WeatherNation is even based right here in the Twin Cities, and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a couple employees from there recently. Let’s all say a collective hello to our fellow newcomer!


One thought on “Let’s Welcome Weathernation!”

  1. I welcome a weather channel that employs genuine Meteorologists that do want they are trained to do-expertly discuss the weather!

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