Appleton, Wisconsin to Goldsboro, North Carolina

We made some updates to the site this afternoon, I hope you like them. You can check it out on your iPad or whatever as we take a two day trip from Wisconsin to North Carolina. The mileage is approximately 1058 miles, of which we will cover 471 miles on Saturday. The trip is going to be slowed down by Chicago traffic and the slow moving Appalachians. Let’s head for the hills.

We are in for an unfortunate beginning to our drive. A system moving out of the southeast is bringing Gulf moisture to the Ohio Valley and cold air already in place over the Great Lakes and Upper Midwest. This will mean persistent snow from Appleton to Chicago, where Lake Michigan will have something to say about the conditions. The low moving into the Ohio Valley will introduce heavier, wetter snow in Indiana for our drive through Indianapolis and east towards Dayton. The day will end before we get to Dayton, in Brookville, Ohio. The Ohio town will see about 3-5 inches before we even arrive. Enjoy finding a hotel room, fighting off all the people who want to be done driving then too.

The snow will be moving out of Ohio as we begin our drive on Sunday, but the freshly fallen snow may not be entirely plowed by the time we head out. When we reach West Virginia, the western faces of the higher hills may provide some snow showers as well, but as we move into western Virginia and eventually North Carolina, the skies will clear and cold air will move into town. Well, relatively cold air. Goldsboro will still be nicer than Appleton.