Danville, Virginia to New Orleans, Louisiana

Let’s take a road trip! It’s going to take us a day and a half to get from southern Virginia to southeastern Louisiana. It’s an 844 mile journey between the two cities. Our first day will be complete after just about 500 miles on the nose, thanks to a 62.5mph average speed.

Don’t be surprised if traffic is a little bit heavy as we head south out of Danville. It’s Veteran’s Day weekend, and the sun will be out throughout the southeast. We will drive through Greensboro, Charlotte and Atlanta, and if anyone wants to take advantage of some of the late season warmth, those would be the places where traffic would be heaviest. There isn’t much in the weather that would slow us down. Or day will end in Tuskegee, Alabama.
Not much is expected to change on Sunday. Sunny skies will greet us as we gegin the day, but I suppose there is a chance for some clouds as we cross Lake Pontchartrain into New Orleans, but we won’t have to turn the wipers on, so it’s not all bad. Who am I kidding. It will be pretty great.
New Orleans