Utica, New York

Today’s forecast takes us to Upstate New York, where Utica is nestled snug in the Mohawk Valley. Let’s see how the first week of November is treating them!

At 8:53pm EST, the temperature at Utica, NY was 57 degrees with a light rain falling. A large cold front is sweeping through the Eastern US right now, with a very defined plume of precip stretching from the Gulf Coast up into the Northeast. The cold front will push through the region overnight tonight through tomorrow morning, with rain showers generally trailing off as we reach mid-morning. Most of the daylight hours tomorrow should be on the dry side, with maybe an isolated shower floating around here or there. Thursday night into Friday, the westerly winds behind the front will start kicking up some lake-effect action. While overnight it’ll be snow, the bulk of it should remain north of Utica, with just some periodic snow showers as the band wiggles north/south into the morning. Come Friday morning, some rain/snow mix is expected as temperatures warm up and precip eventually dies down as the activity pushes further to the north and eventually dissipates.

Thursday: Rain showers through morning, trailing off by noon. An isolated afternoon shower possible. High 53, Low 36.
Friday: Some early morning snow showers possible, but light. Changes to a mix mid-morning then dissipates. High 43, Low 33.

TWC: Thursday: Rain expected through the morning, becomes more scattered in afternoon. High 56, Low 38.
Friday: Mixture of rain/snow at times, generally light. High 42, Low 31.

AW: Thursday: Windy, morning rain trails off by midday. High 53, Low 37.
Friday: Some morning flurries, outside chance of mid-afternoon rain shower. High 45, Low 33.

NWS: Thursday: Rain showers expected through mid-morning then trails off. High 52, Low 36.
Friday: Early morning snow showers possible, mixing back to rain midday, some rain/snow mix late as well. High 43, Low 32.

WB: Thursday: Early morning rain, some scattered showers later. High 54, Low 36.
Friday: Early morning rain/snow mix. High ???, Low 34. (Their forecast page exploded, numbers for Friday were indeterminable).

Here we see rain showers skirting by Utica, giving the area a bit of a soaking as they move through tonight into tomorrow morning.


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