Ann Arbor, Michigan to Macon, Georgia

Let’s hit the road for a day and a half, shall we? Our day will cover 793 miles on this trip, which we will cover at a pace of 62.3mph. Not the fastest trip we have ever taken, but the weather won’t necessarily be the most agreeable. Day one, the longer of the two days, will be over after 498 miles of driving.

Ann Arbor
An area of low pressure moving into the Great Lakes will ensure a rainy start as we head out of Ann Arbor. The rain will continue as we head into Ohio, but south of Lima, we will get into a dry bit of highway all the way south to Lexington. For a bit, the cold front will catch up with us south of Lexington. Quite torrential rain will make things difficult through southern Kentucky, but the system will slow down through the day, and we may get out ahead of it again by the time we reach Knoxville, where we will stop for the night and await the rain.

The rain is going to plow through Knoxville overnight, and we should be able to make it through Tennessee relatively unscathed. It isn’t entirely clear how far south the front will make it by the time we reach Georgia, but it’s possible that we immediately encounter rain when we cross into the state. More likely, we will hit the rain somewhere around Atlanta. What is assured is that we will see rain when we reach Macon.